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Sea Monkeys-Letting Kids Down One Generation At A Time!!!

If you say “Sea Monkeys” most people will have some memory of the excitement they had over the prospect of a whole kingdom of these royal Sea Monkeys.  Complete with crowns and the promise of being instant pets captured many a child.  Imagine your own little kingdom of magical Sea Monkeys! They were advertised as “eager to please” and “easy to train”  I was so excited to think of the tricks I would teach my little Sea Monkeys and the ways they would try to please me.   I remember the first time we tried we must have done something wrong because nothing happened.

A few years later, I decided to try again, armed with this huge glass vessel I prepared everything according to the package directions.  A few days later I saw the tiny little creatures moving around if I squinted really hard next to the glass.  It worked!!!  I was going to have my own kingdom!  A few days later, after school, I rushed to my room to see if they had grown while I was away.  The glass vessel was gone!  I ran to find my mother and asked her if she knew what happened to it.    Finding her I asked her if she put it somewhere.   She seemed baffled as to why I would have a large container of plain water on my dresser.  I had not told her I was growing a kingdom of Sea Monkeys, it was my secret.  When she told me she emptied it for fear it would fall on the floor, I gasped.  After I explained to her they were my Sea Monkeys and they were alive, she felt so terrible.  She did not know that she poured an entire kingdom of Sea Monkeys down the bathroom drain.   She apologized profusely and really was so remorseful that she had somehow caused the death of an entire kingdom.   She saw nothing in the water, she did not realize I was growing a kingdom.

After the second disappointment with Sea Monkeys I never ventured into that realm again but decided to stick with pets that were very visible.  Many years later I read that I am not the only child to be disappointed with these creatures.  In fact they were sold and marketed in such a way that one could only be disappointed because these “brine shrimp” were never going to look like the magical, mystical creatures on the package.  So it seems in one way or another these Sea Monkeys were just destined to let kids down.

You would think that once word got out, their sales would die and the company would go under.  That is not the case since their introduction in the late 50’s these Sea Monkeys are still around today, there to entice a new generation of children with dreams of grandeur.   Parents who suffered the disappointment even buy these for their kids and I think in a way they are hoping that something really magical will happen this time.  However, when our own children are disappointed with the results, we wonder, what we were thinking.  Yet, these Sea Monkeys keep being sold and keep disappointing generation after generation.   Talk about a product that stands the test of time!

What we were promised and enticed with:

The reality if they made it this far.  Every little girls dream!

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Giant Cupcake Cake? Is it too much cake?

Who has made one and how easy/hard was it?   Since the cake ball/cake pop post, I have been seeing a lot of sweet things.  It is funny because I am just starting a new regime of very little sugar and a lot of exercise.  One would think looking at things like this would make me have cravings but it is actually doing the opposite.  I am looking for inspiration for Michael’s birthday cake for February 13th.  I saw these and I am wondering  if they are really worth it.  I mean they look nice but the practicality of it has me wondering.  I mean, I guess you put the filling or frosting between the top and the bottom and then either frost the whole thing in contrasting colors or do just the top.  You could make an accordion paper replica of a cup cake liner for the bottom too, especially if you leave it unfrosted.  I just wonder how it is when you cut it.  I mean it seems like a lot of cake and little frosting or filling.    The cake had better be very moist or you better have a lot of milk on hand.  : )  If I do it, I think I would purchase the Wilton pan.  I do not like the idea of baking or cooking in silicone.  I would love to hear your comments if you have made one of these cakes.  Until then, I will keep pondering and satisfying my sweet tooth by looking at pictures.  Hey, I lost 4 pounds and don’t feel deprived.




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Cake Balls Anyone?

I was looking at some baking videos on YouTube and I found a very long one of an older woman making “cake balls.”  I was unsure of what they were exactly and the video was a bit comical though not intended to be.  When I first saw the slight haphazard demonstration, I was taken aback.  Why would anyone want to do that?  With the urging of a good friend to look a little deeper, I did.   Okay, so I found better pictures and videos of  “cake balls” or “cake pops” and I think I am going to have to make them just for spite.  : )  In case you have not yet heard of this confection, it is simply a baked cake of any flavor broken up into crumbs and then mixed with frosting.  You then form the moist sweet mixture into balls and freeze them.  Then you dip the frozen balls into chocolate and decorate as you wish.  Below, you will find some very cute examples of cake balls.  I do not think my first attempt will be comparable to anything like this but a girl can dream.

Anyway, some of them are downright cute and look very yummy.  I do like the idea of making them and wrapping them individually as a centerpiece for a birthday party that the guests can take with them.   Some are done two-tone or with added sprinkles and candies or to look like iced cupcakes on sticks.  There is a large variety and from perusing one of my cake decorating groups, apparently very popular.  I guess, I am a little out of the loop as far as cake balls go.  So, in a way I feel like I am in a Dr. Seuss book and after saying how I would not, could not, eat those cake balls, I am going to make and try them after all.  So don’t hate on the cake balls just yet.  You might like them, you will see, try them and you may you see.  Still learning lessons from the good Dr. Seuss.




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Zoey and Sassy Are 4 Months Old!!!

I thought I needed some updated portraits of the little puppies today.  It was a very impromptu and fast photo session but I am glad that we did it.  Jimi just trimmed around their eyes yesterday and I think he made Sassy look like a Dandie Dinmont Terrier instead of a Maltese.    Zoey, AKA Zazzy is a West Highland White Terrier and Sassafras, AKA Sassy is a Maltese.  They are good little playful puppies who are full of spunk and personality.  They are not afraid of the bigger dogs at all and constantly wrestle, tumble and play tug o war with their huge American Bulldog brother and sister.   They are doing great out in the snow on their first Winter and  are great with the kids.   Enjoy the pics of these precious puppies!




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Sale! Sleepy Baby Wrap-Baby to Toddler Carrier!!! Only 29.99

Those Mom that know their carriers know the Sleepy Wrap is such an essential and versatile carrier.  I have a very limited few left and that is why they are on sale for this insane low price.  Way below retail and I will ship for only 5.95 Priority mail anywhere in the USA.  Canada shipping is available at an extra cost.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to own a must-have wrap.  These wraps are brand new in the original package with the different tying instructions.  Don’t forget I have new Woombies, Sophie the Giraffe, and Aden + Anais Swaddling Large Muslin Wraps.   Check my other entries for more info on them.  I take PayPal so you can buy with confidence.



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Cakes, snow, shopping, cleaning, organizing and Disney vacations, to name a few of the things on my mind this week.

Cakes, because we have a lot of birthdays coming up.  Michael starts the pack with a February birthday, Ray’s is in March, Ethan is in April, Alexandra is in May and I am in June.  I have been stressing over Ethan’s cake.  The older boys are easy in the way they do not have to have a cake decorated with a construction site or their favorite character.  I usually order my cakes and they are elaborately decorated with the characters or theme the kid’s have always been into.  However, I bit the bullet and tried my hand (I am a good baker) at making and decorating Luke’s cake and so I am going to attempt a construction cake for Ethan.  I have all these ideas and pictures in my mind.  I basically know what I want to do so I hope it will come close to the pictures in my mind.  Only time will tell I suppose.

Snow, because we are getting another storm.  We are luckily not being hit hard and NYC and NJ will bear the brunt of the storm.  This is the trend that was last year, so hopefully it will  be this year as well.

Shopping, because tomorrow afternoon, Alexandra, Luke and I go on the famous Sam’s run.  Seriously we hit Sams every week.  I know there are many people who only need to hit the wearhouse stores monthly, but not us.  We need a weekly Sam’s run.  We have to stop at the eye doctor as she drove herself the other week to an eye exam and they could not dialate her eyes.  So, we need to stop in and let them do that and examine her dialated eyes.  Needless to say I will be doing the driving.  It also looks like a Wegmans trip is on the agenda as well.  I love Wegmans.

Cleaning and organizing, because we are working on our basement right now and are clearing out and organizing.   We finally got our exercise area  set up and I did 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill so that made me really happy.  I have also been going through the little ones’ closets and trying to get things organized.  That is always an ongoing battle.

Disney vacations, because in the Spring we are driving down to Florida and so I have spent the last few nights up to the wee hours of the morning researching villas, hotels, parks, packages and more.  My eyes hurt and I am not even sure if the little ones are just too little.  We are going down because Jimi is in a power-lifting competition in Atlanta, GA.  Then we are going to go to Florida to see his sister so we will be in the Tampa area.  I am looking at maybe doing Tampa Busch Gardens and Sea World instead.  I am not sure but we have to make our minds up soon because most of the booking deals end January 31st.

Some of the other thoughts running through my mind on these cold winter days are planning my garden.  Planning my garden really reminds me that spring is around the corner and I can taste it.  Spring always has me thinking of free-ranging chickens but then I am always brought to reality by my sane husband who reminds me that our dogs will put an end to free-ranging chickens.   He also points out he is the pet caretaker and he does not want any more to take care of at this point.  I can’t blame him.  He does all the work with the pets while we just get to enjoy the pets.  So one can still dream right.

Hope you all have pleasant dreams and that you all are staying warm and cozy on these Winter nights.  God Bless you all.

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Snowy Friday!!!

Well, Friday we had a snow storm.  Nothing too tremendous but definitely enough for fun.  The little ones went out to play and Daddy snow-blowed the driveway.    Then when Ethan said his face had a boo boo (his cheeks were cold) we went in and got toasty warm.  I put on my Snoopy socks that Santa left in my stocking and  then we relaxed and Ethan drew a tractor on his doodle pro which I thought was just great.

I cannot believe it is almost the end of January.  Tomorrow will be the 25th!!!   I think January is a hard month for most people.  I just heard on the news the other day that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year.  I guess with the holidays being over, bills coming in to be paid from holiday spending and the winter setting in just leads some to feel depressed.  Let’s embrace the fact that the days are getting longer and that January is just about over.  Just think next month is so close to Spring.  Before we know it we will be seeing the first crocus break through the cold ground.  That little brave crocus shows that even in the depth of winter their lies the hope of spring.  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


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Clearing Out Some Inventory!!!

Well, January is the month of sales isn’t it?  After Christmas sales, white sales, organizing sales, inventory sales, and much more.  I am having some baby inventory sales here as well.  I am an authorized distributor of Aden + Anais, The Woombie and Sophie The Giraffe among others.  I am trying to clear out some inventory to make room, so I am slashing prices!!!  I have Woombies available for 17.99 each (way below retail), I have Sophie The Giraffe for only $14.99 and 4 pack Aden + Anais muslin swaddling blankets for only 32.99.  I will ship for actual priority mail cost in the USA and Canada.  These are must have baby items and if you are unfamiliar with the products take it form this mommy that they are the best!!!

I am going to put the links to my journals about the sales where you can read more.  Also I take PayPal so you can buy securely.  Thanks for looking!!!


Link for Woombies


Link for Sophie The Giraffe


Link for Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddling Wraps



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January 15th!!!

Yeah, we are halfway over with this month.  We are closer to Spring and just think another 2 weeks and we can say, “Spring begins next month.”  Yesterday, Alexandra, Luke and I went into Scranton for some shopping.  I got Ethan and Luke the most adorable dress shoes for their Easter outfits.  Some may think I am crazy that I already have the boys’ Easter outfits and needed to get the dress shoes but that is just the way I am.  Anyhow, they were so excited with their dress shoes they have not taken them off all day except for nap time and they had to go right on after they got up.  The first time Ethan put them on he went into a tap dance, it was just too funny.  Anyway they will not take them off.  They are the cutest little shoes too.  They are by Kenneth Cole and they are black with a little side buckle but there is a velcro so their feet go in really easy and they are super comfy.  I also got Ethan some new winter boots, and Luke a new Zero Exposure winter coat for next year because I could not pass up the deal and then I went to check out and a lady gave me a coupon for 30% off my entire order.   So it was a super deal and I bought some clothes for Alexandra as well.  Three cheers for secret special savings!!!

Hope you all are having a great January and remember Spring is so close now!!!

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Fun in the snow!!!

Saturday we bundled the little ones up and let them go out in the snow.    Luke was so happy the whole time as you can see in his pictures and Ethan was eating and excavating the snow.  We are due to have a much bigger snowstorm tomorrow that could bring as much as 18″ so they should have a lot of fun.    Jimi and I and the little ones went on a much-needed trip to Sams and Wegman’s last Thursday night in prep for the storm.  We stocked up on essentials and groceries and really have been enjoying being home together-all seven of us.

Alexandra is going to start volunteering with Aileen Gunther from the NYS Assembly.  She is quite excited about doing that 2 days a week.   Well, just a short update and some pics.  Hope you all have a wonderful week and stay warm and drive safe if you are in the path of the storm.  God Bless.

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