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Not Wowed by Wow Containers.

Okay, well I saw the infomercial on the Wow storage containers weeks ago.  Knew it was most likely just junk.  When I saw them in my grocery store for half price…well figured I would try them.  After all we cook large amounts, have lots of leftovers, make a lot of our own food, ice cream etc.   For $9.99 for the 40 piece set it did not seem to be quite a risk if they were indeed junk.  Well, getting them home it was clear to see they were inferior plastic.  If you tap it too hard it cracks.  It is a good concept but they need to use a high quality plastic.  This plastic is a notch above the plastic used to package strawberries in the grocery store.  Anyway, the do go through the dishwasher and my husband did store ice cream in them.  I find it very hard to latch them.  I can only latch one side and it was when I was tapping the top trying to get it to latch that it cracked.  Oh well, I think they are most like take and toss containers and however long I have them fine but I will not be buying them again.    Another “As Seen On TV” product that is not all it is cracked up to be.  It is definitely as cracked as it pretends not to be.

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Going Green…Smoothie That Is!!!

Well, like I wrote in my last post we are ordering the Vitamix 5200.  So I have been searching a lot of green smoothie books, lifestyles, recipes, etc.   I have read some truly remarkable testimonies from then tasting so good and helping people with a lot of health issues.  I ordered two books from Amazon to get us started on this raw lifestyle.  Not that we are going 100% raw but I will definitely be making breakfast green smoothies.  I also plan to make the chocolate beet cake and cannot wait for my books to get here so I can read all the healthy filling recipes.  I also read a lot about group produce buy ins on the local level.  Also buying Raw nuts in these group buy ins.  I have so much to learn but it is such a wonderful thing to be on a quest for knowledge, after all we should die learning. 

The health benefits from the green smoothies and the raw food diet is great energy, strong immune systems, better overall health, low cholesterol, good blood sugar and so so much more.  I am really excited to see how the kids will like these smoothies.  A great way to make sure they get all those great fruits and veggies in every day. 

So our new quest is going green and I am so looking forward to the whole process.  I will be standing and waiting with bated breath for the UPS man to arrive with our new beast of a blender and great new books chock full of recipes and inspiration. 

So I bid you goodnight for now and sweet dreams to everyone.  Me, I will be dreaming in green of my new VitaMix 5200.

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To Vitamix or not to Vitamix…that is the question.

Well, no mystery here that hubby and I like gadgets.  We also both like to cook and bake so we are looking into a high-powered emulsifier blender.  There are a few choices but it was down to the Blendtec and the VitaMix.  After watching an episode of “Whatever” with Martha Stewart’s ultra friendly daughter they had the Blendtec inventor on.   He was demonstrating his machine and bragging it does not need a tamper stick like the VitaMix.  However, he did need a tamper stick and that with all of the reviews we have been reading, videos we have been watching cinched it for us.  We have decided to go with the VitaMix 5200.  This model appeals to us for a variety of reasons.  Some of the most prominent are that it has a very large container that is BPA free, that it has a good reputation and is favored by most chefs above any other blender. 

Now that we have made a decision I can hardly wait for it to get here.  I am so looking forward to eating RAW.  I cannot wait to make delicious, healthy green smoothies.  The health benefits are many and I am anticipating being able to fill up on delicious low-calorie  but filling and nutritious smoothies and the fact that they most often lead to weight loss.  I also think it will be great for the babies and to be able to make them fresh natural applesauce with the skins, seeds and stems adding fiber and vitamins and minerals.  I also like that fact that I can put a variety of fruits and veggies in and make a delicious drink that they can drink that will give then so much nutrition in a drink.

I will let you all know how it goes when we receive our unit.   I cannot wait to whip up some delectable concoctions with this jet engine blender.

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I am all for technology.  I could not live without my laptop, survive without the internet or sustain my family without  Well, maybe that is a tad exaggerated but it would be so difficult.  I have completed my bachelor of science through online university classes, I have shared my last two pregnancies and made some great mom friends through online groups for moms expecting the same month.  I have had a wealth of information from researching the best baby swing to the best cheesecake recipe at my fingertips.  I have been able to search for more details on an interesting real life mystery I have seen on TV.  I can find out how old anyone is even when they don’t want to tell.  I can connect with old friends and relatives who I would never be able to find without hiring a private investigator. 

We are a very technologically  current family.  We all have the latest Droid phones and our internet with us at all times.  So given all this, you think I would long have an Amazon Kindle or its competitors.  However, while I do have the Kindle app on my Droid I do not own the device.  I just still love to feel a book in my hands, turning  the actual paper pages, and having  something more tangible to hold rather than a flat screen reader.  I do read a lot on the internet.  Most of my text books were e books, I read my newspapers online, magazines online but there is still the occasional magazine I enjoy reading in print.  I read a real Bible and my novels, books and definitely all the kids books are real paper and ink creations.  I am a big advocate of sharing my love of reading with my kids.  I have their shelves stacked with old classics and new favorites. 

I remember when my son Raymond wrote a story when he was in fourth grade about how his sister had brought down a plane with the weight of her books.  Then they landed on younger brother Michael’s leg and broke it.  Alexandra never went anywhere without a book and was an avid reader, and so inspired her brother to write this story which was read aloud at a special classroom function.  His teacher who taught Alexandra and himself just loved the story especially since she could clearly see how he was inspired. 

So I would guess at some point I will break down and get a kindle but it is something  right now that I cannot do it.  I really have no desire to read books on a hand-held reader.  So, I will hold off for now, not from technology but from giving up the feel of a good book in my hand, the smell of the ink and paper, the thrill of turning the page and falling asleep reading a book you cannot put down.  Some things are just harder to part with than others.  For now I choose books.

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Fall is here!!!

Well, it is officially Fall.  I have to admit we actually are having a pretty nice one this year.  Albeit only the 8th of October and that all can change in a day or less.  I am going to try to remain hopeful that we will have a true Fall this year.   The weather has been very mild, still taking walks, although it is getting dark much earlier and I dread changing the clocks because that will mean it will be dark even earlier.   I really hate that part. 

Alexandra is still working in Potsdam but will be home next month!!!   We miss her and she misses us!  Ray had a meeting with the Navy recruiter and all went well, he took Michael with him because Michael wants to join as soon as he graduates this year.  Ethan and Luke are having a good time as usual.  Ethan is a great big brother to Luke.  He tries to teach him the right way to eat with his utensils, play basketball and other things.  He is always encouraging with a “Good Job Luke” even when he is less than successful in shooting a basket.  Of course they still have their moments of bickering but it is better for the most part.  Ethan is understanding that Luke is getting very wise and the idea of giving him a rock or a stick in trade for something like a tractor is not going to cut it anymore.  He is also pretty receptive if Luke cries, he will say “Come on Luke, stop crying.”   So for the most part he is a loving brother but there is still the occasional body tackle. 

Jimi and I are very busy with the laser business and it is very time-consuming but we are so grateful for the opportunity we have to do something like this.  Jimi had his birthday on September 15th.  I made him a yellow cake with my signature dark chocolate buttercream icing and it was delicious!!!

I am missing the garden as it is past its season.  I loved going out and having the inspiration for a zucchini, eggplant, tomato pasta right there in front of me.   Oh well that is the chain of life and we will start planning for next year.  I hope the winter is not too bad in terms of ice.  Ice is the worst, no one can drive on it no matter if you have 8 wheel drive.  I have a good start on Luke’s birthday presents,  and not too bad of a start on both little one’s Christmas presents.  I even have some stuff for Alexandra already. 

Jimi and I and the little boys had a nice outing at local horse farm a couple of weeks ago.  We went on a tractor pulled hay ride the boys just loved.  They also had their first pony ride which was a huge hit.  Luke is starting to talk more in sentences and is such a character, he loves saying things like, “Look, see the tractor!”  He is really developing his personality.  Ethan is having a great time as usual and enjoying playing sports and with his tractors and trucks.  He loves phonics DVDs and I am going to start working on some preschool reading, phonics and math with him.  He likes counting things but is that any wonder? 

The boys are monkeys for Halloween, in fact the Halloween photo cards just came in the mail today and they are so cute.  I hope it is a nice day on Halloween and not a deep freeze.  I think Ethan will get a real kick out of it this year.  Last year Jimi and I took them out shopping in their costumes, they were still too little to really understand.  This year I know Ethan will have a blast.

Well, I better sign off for now as I have a thousand and one things to do.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful, blessed Autumn!!!  God Bless!!!

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