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Summer Fun!!!

I know, I know!!!  I have not been a very good blogger of late.  Blame it on the Summer.  We have been having a wonderful summer and the weather has been great.  Let me get you up to date on what we have been doing.  Sylvia and I are still doing our walks and becoming even more ambitious.  The other week we took our longest walk ever!!!  It was getting dark and we saw a black bear on our way home which made us walk very fast!!!  We literally walked from my lake to another and back again, we did not clock it but it was easy over 6 miles.  It was all very good until the bear, then as we sang our way home in the dark we had a few scares.

We have also made a couple of trips to the Old Cochecton Train Station.  One time with just Jimi and I and then two little babes and another with the entire family.   We had a great time on both occasions.  We also got some great pics that will make great prints on my new gallery wall I am creating in the family room.  I could not believe how much fun even the biggest boys had at the tracks, throwing rocks and goofing around.  Good family fun!!!

After the family train trip, Alexandra and I got to head off on a girls’ night out.  She was home for the weekend before moving up to Potsdam for a new position in the political arena.  She will be there until the end of November so we had to do some major shopping and then a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel in Binghamton for some good southern comfort food to ease the fears of relocation.  She will do fine though and she knows it and we are all so proud of her. 

Throw in there the lake picnic of which Jimi is the new vice president of the Lake Owners’ Association, swimming, walking, dog issues, gardening, oh what a garden we have!!!

Well let me post some pictures of some of the things mentioned and I will try to visit my blog on a more regular basis.  Enjoy the Summer while it lasts!!!

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