Past Give-Aways & Winners

Aussie Dog, Boots ended 11/30–Winner is 443 Wendy W!!! Congratulations!!!

Greeting Card Universe ended 11/30–Winner is 177 Angie M!!! Congratulations!!!

Rock N Learn DVD or CD ended 11/30–Winner is 162 Melissa Forney!!! Congratulations!!!

Organic Peeled Snacks ended 11/30Winner is 117 Korisa!!! Congratulations!!!

The Bedtime Book for Dogs by Bruce Littlefield ended 11/30–Winner is 119 Angie M!!! Congratulations!!!

Handstand Kids Mexican Cookbook Kit ended 11/30–Winner is 141 Angie M!!! Congratulations!!!

JJ Cole Boutique Collection Myla Diaper Bag ended 11/29–Winner is 235 Aida Lua-Tinajero!!! Congratulations!!!

Switcha Pocket Jeans ended 11/29–Winner is 39 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!!

Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper ended 11/29–Winner is 59 Angie M!!! Congratulations!!!

Shrockie Fish Clips ended 11/29–Winner is 23 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

Silikids, Siliskin 6oz Glass ended 11/28–Winner is 12 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

Vitalah’s Oxylent MultiVitamin Drink Powder & Water Bottle ended 11/28–Winner is 52 Heather Collins!!! Congratulations!!!

ToiletTree Products, Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee ended 11/28–Winner is 221 Rochelle Sindelar!!! Congratulations!!!

Ozeri, 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer ended 11/27–Winners are 94 Desiree, 136 KarenMed409, 146 Casey, 77 Angie M, 286 Kristine!!! Congratulations!!!

Avery See-Through Sticky Notes ended 11/27–Winners are 4 KarenMed409, 65 Wendy W!!! Congratulations!!!

STEP2, My Own Workshop ended 11/27–Winner is 417 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

Jack Be Natural GoGreen Champ Diaper ended 11/27–Winner is 195 Diana!!! Congratulations!!!

MindWare Toys, Imaginets ended 11/26–Winner is 82 Janet W!!! Congratulations!!!

MindWare Toys, Pattern Play ended 11/26–Winner is 111 Heather Collins!!! Congratulations!!!

ECO Lunchbox Solo Cube ended 11/26–Winner is 174 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

Fracture One Piece Picture & Frame ended 11/26–Winner is 204 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

Timberworks Toys ended 11/26–Winner is 282 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!!

mOmma Non-Spill Cup ended 11/25–Winner is 36 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

Duck Tape Gift Pack ended 11/25–Winner is 450 Melissa Forney!!! Congratulations!!!

Candle Warmers, Metallic Hurricane Lantern ended 11/25–Winners are 86, 20 Jessica C, 432 Lori B!!! Congratulations!!!

Anatex Circle Play Center ended 11/24–Winner is 579 Laura L!!! Congratulations!!!

Ruff Grip Dog Leash ended 11/24–Winner is 263 Daisy!!! Congratulations!!!

Raising The Candy Bar, Cashew Caramel Clusters ended 11/24–Winner is 211 Daisy!!! Congratulations!!!

Nutra Luxe MD, Nutra Sonic Essential ended 11/23–Winner is 178 Amy Pugmire!!! Congratulations!!!

Madre Labs, Mild by Nature For Baby ended 11/23–Winner is 197 Angie M!!! Congratulations!!!

Righteously Raw, Raw Coconut Macaroons ended 11/23–Winner is 135 Angie M!!! Congratulations!!!

Laser Pegs 72 Piece Construction Set ended 11/22–Winner is 416 Korisa!!! Congratulations!!!

The Shelving Store, Ball Claw ended 11/22–Winner is 132 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!! OsoCozy ended 11/22–Winner is 139 Wendy W!!! Congratulations!!!

GrandmaEl’s Diaper Rash Ointment ended 11/21–Winner is 222 Heather Collins!!! Congratulations!!!

Ambia 2 Zone Ceramic Heater ended 11/21 –Winner is 191 Lori B.!!! Congratulations!!!

Creativity for Kids, Monster Truck Custom Shop ended 11/21–Winner is 346 Korisa!!! Congratulations!!!

Rockdale Wreaths ended 11/20–Winner is 115 Lori B!!! Congratulations!!!

Asher’s Assorted Chocolate Pretzels ended 11/20 –Winner is 134 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!!

Dr. Sharp Fluoride-Free Oral Care Products ended 11/20 –Winner is 48 Casey!!! Congratulations!!!

Ozeri 12 oz Double Wall Glasses ended 11/20 –Winners are 205 Heather Collins, 17, 362 Patricia N.,120 Casey,161 doodle741!!! Congratulations!!!

Jax LTD, Over And Out & The Game of Chips ended 11/19–Winners are 58 KarenMed409, 196 Rochelle Sindelar, 124 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

Creative Director Clothing ended 11/19 Winner is 112 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

My Camera Couture, Fashion Camera Strap ended 11/19 Winner is 303 Melissa!!! Congratulations!!!

THE AVENGERS: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Volumes 3 & 4  on DVD ended 11/19–Winners are 21 Jessica C, 10 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

Chugginton DVD ended 11/18 –Winner is 174 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!!

Ayala’s Herbal Water ended 11/18 –Winner is 41 Mary Catherine!!! Congratulations!!!

Little Uni Custom Tee ended 11/18 –Winner is 87 Casey!!! Congratulations!!!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure 2-Disc (DVD + Digital Copy) Combo Pack ended 11/18–Winner is 76 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

Dinosoles DinoPack ended 11/17  –Winner is 144 Rochelle Sindelar!!! Congratulations!!!

Mohawk Home Area Rug ended 11/17 –Winner is 665 Angie M!!! Congratulations!!!

Petit Jean Meats, 1/2 Spiral Sliced Ham ended 11/17–Winner is 205 amy@dropastitch!!! Congratulations!!!

Zutano $75 Gift Card ended 11/16–Winner is 70 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

 Affordable Scarves $20 Gift Certificate ended 11/16–Winner is 329 Patricia N!!! Congratulations!!!

 Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale ended 11/15–Winners are 327 Jessica C, 40 Heidi Gloudemans, 113 Desiree, 476 Wendy W, 97 Heather Collins!!! Congratulations!!!

 Pink Olive, Cat Fish Designs Onesie & Bib Set ended 11/15–Winners are 192 Angie M, 266 Heather Collins, 185 Daisy!!! Congratulations!!!

 Bungalow Bebe ended 11/15–Winner is 91 Wendy W!!! Congratulations!!!

Milano Series, Diaper Bag ended 11/15–Winner is 119 Wendy W!!! Congratulations!!!

 Sophia’s Style $50 Gift Card ended 11/14 –Winner is 165 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!!

Coobie Seamless Bras ended 11/14–Winner is 87 Mary Catherine!!! Congratulations!!!

 Hudson Threads ended 11/14–Winner is 54 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

 Plow & Hearth $50 Gift Certificate ended 11/13–Winner is 524 Wendy W!!! Congratulations!!!

 CassaDecor Towel Sets ended 11/13–Winner is 385 Janet W!!! Congratulations!!!

 Organized Living, Big Mesh Sports Basket ended 11/12–Winner is 364 Wendy W.!!! Congratulations!!!

 Betty Lukens, Learning Fun with Felt ended 11/12–Winner is 36 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

 Bambo Nature Diapers ended 11/11–Winners are 157 Shelly, 136 Jessica C.!!! Congratulations!!!

Real Kids Shades ended 11/11–Winner is 102 Molly!!! Congratulations!!!

 Kidwick Books, “Bad Rats” Book and Audio CD ended 11/11–Winner is 91 Mary Catherine!!! Congratulations!!!

 The Original Flap Happy Hat ended 11/11–Winner is 135 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!! $50 Gift Certificate ends 11/10–Winner is 53 Heidi Gloudemans!!! Congratulations!!!

Bringrr Smart Phone Charger ended 11/10 –Winner is 178 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!!

Amber Artisans Amber Teething Necklace ended 11/9–Winner is 51 Heather Collins!!! Congratulations!!!

 Shout! Factory CatDog Season 1 DVD ended 11/9–Winner is 139 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!!

Hush Puppies Haley Slippers ended 11/9–Winner is 444 Daisy!!! Congratulations!!!

 iStabilizer Tripod ended 11/9—Winner is 15 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

 Neater Feeder ended 11/8–Winner is 487 Daisy!!! Congratulations!!!

The Protein Bakery ended 11/8–Winner is 89 Heather Collins!!! Congratulations!!!

 Disney, Winnie The Pooh Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack ended 11/8–Winner is 106 Angie M!!! Congratulations!!!

Snow Natural Vitamin Soda ended 11/8–Winner is 1 Molly!!! Congratulations!!!

 Candle Warmers, Ceramic Candle Warmer Lantern ended 11/7–Winners are 412 Melissa, 65 Cheryl Gross, 85 Wendy W!!! Congratulations!!!

 Little One Books $10 Gift Certificate ended 11/7–Winner is 57 Heather Collins!!! Congratulations!!!

 LoveMode $25 Gift Certificate ended 11/7–Winner is 261 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

 tommee tippee cups ended 11/7–Winner is 89 Casey!!! Congratulations!!!

 Sassybax Bralette ended 11/6–Winner is 333 Angie M.!!! Congratulations!!!

 Funky Monkey Fruit Snacks Sampler Pack ended 11/6 –Winner is 115 Heather Collins!!! Congratulations!!!

Bialetti Aeternum 8″ Saute Pan ended 11/6–Winner is 35 Casey!!! Congratulations!!!

 Eco Vessel Water Bottle ended 11/5–Winner is 155 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

DADDY A GO-GO, Grandkid Rock CD ended 11/5–Winner is 3 Gerri Bolen!!! Congratulations!!!

 Tamron, All In One Zoom Lens ended 11/4–Winner is 226 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

 Winterthur Store, Lindsay Throw ended 11/4 –Winner is 128 Angie M!!! Congratulations!!!

Mangroomer Private Body Shaver ended 11/4–Winner is 183 Doris C!!! Congratulations!!!

VIOlight Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer ended 11/3–Winner is 89 Molly!!! Congratulations!!!

Little Looster ended 11/3–Winner is 113 Lori B!!! Congratulations!!!

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil ended 11/3 –Winner is 201 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!! ended 11/2–Winner is 46 Casey!!! Congratulations!!!

Bunnies By The Bay Big Skipit ended 11/2–Winner is 200 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!!

Xyron 9″ Creative Station ended 11/2–Winner is 112 Casey!!! Congratulations!!!

Designerliners ended 11/2–Winner is 34 Molly!!! Congratulations!!!

Dearfoam Boots-3 Winners ended 11/2–Winners are 651 Angie M, 287 Molly,501 Wendy W!!! Congratulations!!!

 Original Butter Bell Crock ended 11/1–Winner is 481 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

 The Happy Kid Company, Fun Fort ended 11/1–Winner is 163 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!!

TheraPearl Pals Hot/Cold Pack ended 11/1–Winner is 188 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

 Kiki’s Fashion Maternity ended 11/1–Winner is 50 Casey!!! Congratulations!!!

Contigo Madison Water Bottle ended 11/1–Winner is 344 Cindy W!!! Congratulations!!!

 Bibi & Mimi, 2 Pair Leg Warmers ended 10/31–Winner is 19 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

 Closet Skinnies ended 10/31–Winner is 188 Angie M!!! Congratulations!!!

 Lay-n-Go Lite ended 10/31–Winner is 398!!! Congratulations!!!

 Zylie the Bear or Shen the Panda Kit ended 10/30–Winner is 213 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!!

 DoodleMark Bookmark & Drawing Pad ended 10/30–Winner is 360 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

 Vitamins Baby, Blanket Buddies ended 10/29–Winner is 98 Daisy!!! Congratulations!!!

Mudpuppy Decorative Wall Clock ended 10/29–Winner is 474 Wendy W!!! Congratulations!!!

 Smart Planet Lunch Box Set ended 10/28–Winner is 542 Wendy W!!! Congratulations!!!

Snowman Mosaic Night-Light ended 10/28–Winner is 180 Marsa McCool-Solis!!! Congratulations!!!

 “Doodle Dice” Game ended 10/28–Winner is 163 Molly!!! Congratulations!!!

babychix Gift-Basket ended 10/27–Winner is 330 Molly!!! Congratulations!!!

 Snappi Baby ended 10/27–Winner is 110 Heather Collins!!! Congratulations!!!

Circle of Friends, Lice Defense Shampoo and Conditioner ended 10/27–Winner is 79 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

“Hit the Habitat Trail!” Game ended 10/27–Winner is 382 Molly!!! Congratulations!!!

 “The Organic Family Cookbook” by Anni Daulter ended 10/26–Winners are 309 Angie M, 146 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

Bridgewater Candle Compnay Large Jar Candle ended 10/26–Winner is 223 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

 Penny Wise Pink Ribbon Products ended 10/25–Winner is 184 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

SEQUENCE States & Capitals Game ended 10/25–Winner is 46 Melissa!!! Congratulations!!!

 Rock N Learn DVD or CD ended 10/25–Winner is 178 Molly!!! Congratulations!!!

 Disney Spooky Buddies Blu-Ray ended 10/25–Winner is 9 Matthew!!! Congratulations!!!

Undee Bandz Peace Tie Dye Tote/Diaper Bag ended 10/24 –Winners are 47 Daisy, 12 Angie M!!! Congratulations!!!

Large Garden Rack Storage ended 10/24— Winner is 164 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

Madison at Main, Jellybean Accent Rug ended 10/23–Winner is 437 Jessica C!!! Congratulations!!!

 How Tall Am I? Game ended 10/23–Winner is 227 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

 Hank Player Tees ended 10/22–Winner is 231 Wendy W!!! Congratulations!!!

Boogie Monster Gift Set ended 10/22–Winner is 14 jlcashinphotography!!! Congratulations!!!

 “Unmeasured Strength” Book Give-Away ended 10/21–Winners are 6-Sus,
53-Desiree,219-Rochelle,54-Casey,224-Donna Marie!!!  Congratulations!!!

B.Box Shining Stars Diaper Wallet ended 10/21–Winner is 110 Heather Collins!!! Congratulations!!!

Sprout High Performance Hair and Skin Products ended 10/20–Winner is 311 Janet W!!! Congratulations!!!

Fierce Fun Toys, Ben KaChoo Book & Toy ended 10/20–Winner is 267 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

Pretzel Pete ended 10/20 –Winner is 99 Desiree!!! Congratulations!!!

Teton Sports Celsius Sleeping Bag ended 10/19 –Winner is 631 Karen Holley!!! Congratulations!!!

 YAY! Planes DVD ended 10/19–Winner is 112 Korisa!!! Congratulations!!!

Candle Warmers Santa Illuminating Fragrance Warmer ended 10/18–Winners are 133 KarenMed409, 192 Shanna, 100 Melissa!!! Congratulations!!!

Minky Couture Blanket Give-Away ended 10/18–Winner is 114 Molly!!! Congratulations!!!

Schleich Dog Agility Scenery Pack ended 10/18–Winner is 56 Lori B!!! Congratulations!!!

VeggieTales DVD, “Princess and the Pop Star” ended 10/17–Winner is 55 Molly!!! Congratulations!!!

Rowdy Sprout Rocker Tee Give-Away ended 10/17–Winner is 170 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!!

 GroVia Hybrid Trial Pack ended 10/17–Winner is 176 Kristina S!!! Congratulations!!!

Bright Starts Shopping Cart Cover ended 10/16   –Winner is 148 Melissa!!! Congratulations!!!

Frecklebox $30 Gift Card ended 10/16–Winner is 38 Gerri Bolen!!! Congratulations!!!

Verilux CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wand ended 10/15–Winner is 433 Molly!!!  Congratulations!!!

Mother-ease Sandy’s System Cloth Diapers ended 10/15–Winner is 74 Tomoko!!!  Congratulations!!!

Serif CraftArtist Platinum ended 10/15–Winner is 199 Molly!!!  Congratulations!!!

Dinosoles 3D Sculpted Footwear ended 10/15 –Winner is!!!  Congratulations!!!

Jedidiah T-Shirt ended 10/15–Winner is 153 Ali!!!  Congratulations!!!

Ollie & Bess ended 10/14–Winner is 1 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

GIRLS4SPORT Halter Rashguard ends 10/14–Winner is 53 Jessica C!!!  Congratulations!!!

 Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag ended 10/14      –Winner is 588 Lori B!!!  Congratulations!!!

Verilux UV-C CleanWave Sanitizing Travel Wand ended 10/13–Winner is 249 Wendy W!!!  Congratulations!!!

Verilux SmartLight Desk Lamp ended 10/12–Winner is 165 Molly!!!  Congratulations!!!

 UV Seasons Prize Pack ended 10/12–Winner is 81 KarenMed409!!!  Congratulations!!!

Smart Mom Teething Bling ended 10/12–Winner is 96 Casey!!!  Congratulations!!!

Mumsy Goose Personalized State License Plate Shirt ended 10/11 –Winner is 84 Heather Collins!!!  Congratulations!!!

MobiCam Digital DL Wireless Audio/Video Monitoring System ended 10/10–Wiinner is!!! Congratulations!!!

babypop Designs Super Hero Custom Cape ended 10/9–Winner is 197 Wendy W!!!  Congratulations!!!

Wild Dill $35.00 Gift Certificate ended 10/9–Winner is 390 Marsa!!!  Congratulations!!!

 Savvycents Red Wallet Organizer ended 10/8–Winner is  65 Lisa (!!!  Congratulations!!! $30 Gift Voucher ended 10/8–Winner is 18 Wendy W!!!  Congratulations!!!

SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Lover’s Start-Up Kit ended 10/7–Winner is 298 Rochelle!!!  Congratulations!!!

Wow Wow Wubbzy DVD ended 10/6–Winner is 189 Molly!!!  Congratulations!!!

TLC Woodcrafters One Name Puzzle ended 10/6–Winner is 513 Rochelle!!!  Congratulations!!!

itouchless touch-free Sensor Soap Dispenser 3D ended 10/5 –Winner is 119 Alan Tong!!!  Congratulations!!!

StickersPlus Monthly Onesie Baby Picture Number Stickers ended 10/5–Winner is 53 Wendy W!!!  Congratulations!!!

O.R.E. Originals Chalk-a-Doodle Placemat ended 10/4–Winner is 293 Tomoko!!!  Congratulations!!!

Loveable Creations Felt Wall Decor ends  2 Winners ended 10/4–Winners are 50 Heather Collins!!! 250 KarenMed409!!! Congratulations!!!

Kissaluvs biodegradable liners ended 10/4—Winner is 10 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

Black Rapid RS-7 Curve Sling Camera Strap ended 10/3–Winner is 195 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

Problem Solvers $50.00 Gift Certificate ended 10/3–Winner is 522 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

Mod Camera Strap & Lens Cap Saver ended 10/2–Winner is 84 Melissa!!!  Congratulations!!!

Disney Junior, Jake and the Never Land Pirates DVD Combo Pack ended 10/1–Winner is 8 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

Family Pastimes, Let’s Make Pizza Game ended 10/1–Winner is 34 Angie M!!!  Congratulations!!!

Rock N Learn DVD or CD of winner’s choice ended 10/1–Winner is 132 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

popchips ended 9/30–Winner is 140 Jayne Fleming!!!  Congratulations!!!

D-Link’s mydlink-enabled Wireless N Day/Night Network Camera (DCS-930L) ended 9/29–Winner is 760 Linda meyers-Gabbard!!!!  Congratulations!!!

iplay Water Wear Swim Diaper Cover ended 9/28–Winner is 71 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

Smiley Cookie ended 9/28–Winner is 37 Shanna!!!  Congratulations!!!

Bakers Sto ‘N Go ended 9/27–Winner is 295 Molly!!!  Congratulations!!!

Clothes and Go ended 9/26–Winner is 70 Andrea S!!!  Congratulations!!!

Kinder-Glo Nightlight ended 9/25 –Winner is 338 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

Okkatots Travel, Baby Depot Bag ended 9/24–Winner is 481 Karen!!!  Congratulations!!!

me4kids medibuddy ended 9/23–Winner is 357 Daisy!!!  Congratulations!!!

Vedette Shapeware ended 9/23–Winner is 311 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

Mother Goose Club DVD and 2 CDs ended 9/22–Winner is 98 Casey!!!  Congratulations!!!

Dassant Baking Mix Assortment ended 9/22 –Winner is 319 Melissa!!!  Congratulations!!!

 Good Nite Lite ended 9/21–Winner is 403 Heather Collins!!!  Congratulations!!!

 tazzini Stainless Steel Bottle ended 9/21 –Winner is 280 Molly!!!  Congratulations!!!

“You Are a Gift to the World” ended 9/20–Winner is 172 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

Crafty Kids Playhouses ended 9/19–Winner is 230 Molly!!!  Congratulations!!! Set Of 20 Golden Tooth Fairy Coins ended 9/19–Winner is 126 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

Candle Warmers Illuminating Fragrance Warmer 3 Winners ended 9/18 –Winners are 380 Desiree,
268 Jayne Fleming, 163 Melissa!!!  Congratulations!!!

Laffy Laffalot ended 9/18–Winner is 397 Melissa!!!  Congratulations!!!

Executive Gift Shoppe $25.00 Gift Certificate ended 9/18–Winner is 86 Melissa!!!  Congratulations!!!

Camelbak Groove Water Bottle ended 9/18–Winner is 277 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

World’s Best Cat Litter ended 9/17–Winner is 40 Shanna!!!  Congratulations!!!

Dreamfarm Clongs ended 9/17— Winner is 247 Melissa!!!  Congratulations!!!

Moonlight Slumber, Starlight Support Supreme Crib Mattress ended 9/17–Winner is 29 Melissa!!!  Congratulations!!!

Little Toader Storybook PJs Set ended 9/16 –Winner is 159 Karen!!!  Congratulations!!!

Linksys E4200 Performance Dual-Band N Router ended 9/15–Winner is Marsa McCool-Solis!!!  Congratulations!!!

Power Capes Super Hero Side-Kick Cape ended 9/15–Winner is 24 Melissa!!!  Congratulations!!!

North Star Wooden Toys ended 9/14–Winner is 48 Melissa!!!  Congratulations!!!

Grimm’s Spiel und Holz Design Rainbow ended 9/13–Winner is 216 Amy!!!  Congratulations!!!

Schwinn Micro Thrasher Adult Bike Helmet ended 9/12–Winner is 249 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

Manhattan Toy’s Busy Hands Bear ends 9/11–Winner is 6 Melissa!!!  Congratulations!!!

Flipple ends 9/11–Winner is 74 Karen!!!  Congratulations!!!

ECR 4 Kids Universal Teacher With Sectional Organizer Cart ended 9/10–Winner is 115 Molly!!!  Congratulations!!!

Irma Guzman Eco Jewlery ended 9/10–Winner is 63 Casey!!! Congratulations!!!

Trike Jogo T5 Carving Vehicle  ended 9/9–Winner is 218 Molly!!!  Congratulations!!!

Nomad Footwear ended 9/8–Winner is 326 Casey!!!  Congratulations!!! Costume ended 9/7–Winner is 276 Casey!!!  Congratulations!!!

Wind & Weather $50.00 Gift Certificate ended 9/6–Winner is 6 Cathy Liebold!!!  Congratulations!!!

Ruff Wear Knot-a-Dog Coupler, Double Dog Walker ended 9/6– Winner is 160 Karen!!!  Congratulations!!!

STEP2 Art Desk Easel ended 9/4– Winner is 215 Casey!!!  Congratulations!!!

Terra Kids Toys Folkmanis Floppy Bunny Puppet ended 9/4 Winner is 146 Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

Daylight Ultimate Table Lamp ended 9/3–Winner is 216 Karen!!!  Congratulations!!!

Himalayan Salt Shop Natural Shape Salt Crystal Lamp ended 9/2–Winner is Diana!!!  Congratulations!!!

SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box ended 9/2–Winner is 105  Desiree!!!  Congratulations!!!

TM Books & Video, Fun on the Farm John Deere DVD ended 9/2–Winner is 65  Alison!!!  Congratulations!!!

BSW Toy Inc. 3D Shrinky Dinks ended 9/1–Winner is 228 Karen!!!  Congratulations!!!

The Homework Caddy ended 9/1– Winner is 136 Alison!!!  Congratulations!!!

FANSHOES Rain Boots ended 8/31–Winner is 132 Melissa!!!  Congratulations!!!

TOTO Products Take-Out Time-Out Mat and Star Stash ended 8/31–Winner is 82 Shanna!!!  Congratulations!!!

Rubbermaid 8 Piece Glass Food Storage with Easy Find Lids ended 8/31–Winner is 177 Andrea!!!  Congratulations!!!

Finders Key Purse Keychain 3 Winners ended 8/30–Winners are 68-Casey, 167-Melissa and 10-Angie M!!! Congratulations!!!

Epson Artisan 835 All In One Printer ended 8/30–Winner is 440 Shanna!!!  Congratulations!!!

Donsuemor Madeleines Gift Box ended 8/29–Winner is 130 Karen!!!  Congratulations!!!

Cangles $30 Gift Certificate ended 8/28–Winner is 91 Melissa!!!  Congratulations!!!

Balboa Baby Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover ended 8/27– Winner is 109 Liz!!!  Congratulations!!!

Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga Mat with Golden Sun Focal Icon ended 8/27– Winner is 50 Jessica!!!  Congratulations!!!

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles 5 Winners ended 8/26– Winners are Angie, Shanna, Alison Casey and Jessica!!!  Congratulations!!! ended 8/26–Winner is 66 Karen!!!  Congratulations!!!

ERGObaby  Carrier ended 8/25–Winner is 273, congrats Jessica!!! jjak2003!!!  Congratulations!!! Sandbox Backhoe/Digger ended 8/24–Winner is 226 Jessica Yett!!!  Congratulations!!!

Kidorable Hanger Set ended 8/24– Winner is 136 Andrea S.!!!  Congratulations!!!

Lotus Home Cleaning System ended 8/23–Winner is 8 Andrea S.!!!  Congratulations!!!

Xyron Create a Sticker Max 3 Winners ended 8/23–Winners as 62,89, and 241. Congratulations to Rochelle, Andrea S, and Melissa!!!

 Evriholder Products, LLC ended 8/22– Winner is 115 Casey!!!  Congratulations!!!

Chef’sChoice Pronto Diamond Hone 464 Knife Sharpener ended 8/19–Winner is 127 Jessica Yett!!!  Congratulations!!!

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand Toys ended 8/18–Winner is 187 Daisy M!!!  Congratulations!!!

ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern ended 8/17–Winner is 21 Angie M!!!  Congratulations!!!

Diggin Active Rock ‘n’ Rolla Cow ended 8/16–Winner is 238 Alison!!!  Congratulations!!!

Chef’n Herb’n Shear Set ended 8/15–Winner is 9 Andrea S.!!!  Congratulations!!!

Jollys Garden Shoes and Clogs ended 8/13–Winner is 110 Jessi T.!!!  Congratulations!!!

Bialetti 5 Qt. Purple Pasta Pot  ended 8/12–Winner is 36 Rochelle!!!  Congratulations!!!

ICE POP JOY Book ended 8/6–Winner is 25 Jayne Fleming.!!!  Congratulations!!!

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