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Fall is coming!!!

In a few short days and the days are getting shorter, it will officially be Fall.  When people tell me that Fall is their favorite season and talk about apple and pumpking picking, I always look a bit skeptical.  See, I would like Fall too…if we had a Fall.  Unfortunately in these lovely Catskill Mountains we don’t really have a fall and we move very rapidly from Summer right into Winter.  This makes for a very long Winter and maybe if we are very lucky we will have a whole 2 weeks of Fall and most times those are not consecutive days.  I remember the “Fall” soccer games of my older kids where the kids were playing with winter coats and it was snowing.  These are not the pictures of Fall that I think of, this is not the image of October that most people have in their heads.  So I do feel a bit melancholy at the ending of Summer which is my favorite time of year.  Yes, there are things that I do like about Fall but for me it is a bit depressing and is leading up to Winter and we have harsh Winters here and you can only build so many snowmen.  I am going to try to embrace Fall this year and hope we truly have one, even though the other day the temperature fell way down and w have had to put the heat on.  I also hate to see the garden die and all the trees lose their leaves as there is something so lonely about Winter.  I mean yes, the first snow is beautiful but driving and trying to get around in it really well…sucks.   So prayers for a long mild Fall for all.  Happy Harvesting!!!

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