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Tradewind Books, “On My Walk” Book Review & Give-Away!!! {Give-Away Ended}

Recently Tradewind Books sent me a book to review and one to use for a give-away.  They sent me the children’s book, “On My Way” by Kari-Lynn Winters and illustrated by Christina Leist.  I shared it with my 2 year old Luke tonight, and he just loved it.  It was such a fitting and relative book for us because we take a lot of walks, and live in the country.  This book follows a small child as he walks with his mother and his dog in the country.  Luke loved that the dog looked like one of our dogs, Delilah.  It was a great book because even though the words on each page were few, the content allowed us to talk about our own experiences.  For instance the child sees a frog and we talked about how we see frogs on our walks.  He was delighted  seeing  a little boy like him, seeing the same things he does, on his walk.  It was a short, pleasant read and was just perfect for spurring conversation in a toddler or pre-schooler.  The illustrations are charming and amusing, like when the dog is licking the boy’s ice cream cone.  We give this book 2 thumbs up, oh wait, 4 thumbs up!!!


On my walk,
my summer walk,
I hear a horse, clippity-clop, clippity-clop,
and a frog, frippity-frop, frippity-frop          

Tradewind Books so generously supplied me with an additional book to give-away to a lucky blog reader.  

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Good Luck Everyone!!!  Winner will be chosen by Random.org.  Give-Away ends April 23rd at 12am EST.      


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The second of January brings the second gorgeous day of the new year!!!

January 2nd and a beautiful mild day.  I set out on my walk with my little man Ethan and Sassy Sassafras.  Ethan was so happy to go along and skipped almost the whole way.  He did stop to throw snow rocks into the lake but they did not make a big splash like in the warmer weather but skipped across the icy lake top.  It was Sassy’s first time around the lake and she was just as good as Zazzy (Zoey).  At one point Ethan picked her up and wanted to hold her but I appealed to him to let her walk and get good exercise too.   I love how taking a nice walk outside just energizes the body and minds of adults, children and dogs alike.  We all returned home, happy, refreshed and grateful.  Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the mild temps we are having.


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My New Year’s Eve Cocktail…

Well, it is technically my lunch cocktail and I drink it daily.  I mix it up a little bit but it usually always contains Kale because that is just a wonder-food.  If you read all the properties of this awesome veggie in its raw form you will be amazed.  The cancer-fighting properties alone are enough to make you consume large quantities.  So today I put in a lot of Kale, fresh organic Spinach, green grapes, fresh raw cranberries, fresh strawberries, organic baby carrots, kiwi with skin, large navel orange, large apple, small amount of water and ice cubes to top it all off.

Blended up this healthy cocktail in the Vitamix and voila, green smoothie time.

Yummy!!!  Happy New Year everyone!!!  Let’s drink to good health, increased faith, happiness and prosperity in the new year.


For those of you who question whether it tastes great or not…I leave you with this testimonial from one of my very favorite smoothie lovers.

Lastly, for those of you wondering if I am concerned about the smoothie stains…I am not, it is a great cleanser in more than one way!!!

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