Belle’s Books Personalized Book Review & Special Offer For Mommy Rambling’s Fans!!!

Belle's Books

Recently, I received a personalized Sports Superstar book from Belle’s Books for my four year old son, Ethan.  Ethan is a sports fanatic and I knew this book would be great for him.  Along with it being personalized for him, we got to personalize it with the names of 3 other characters in the story, as well as his age and the town we live in.  He really got a kick out of it the first time I read it to him and he heard all the familiar names and places.  It is one of his favorite books because not only is it about sports, it is about him.  There are many other titles to choose from and they make great unique gifts for any child.

Sports Superstar Personalized Childrens Book

Belle’s Books is offering free shipping to Mommy Rambling’s Blog Readers residing in the US. if you order 3 books.  Take a look at the Website and take advantage of this great deal.  Thank you Belle’s Books for providing the book for review and this free shipping for Mommy Rambling’s Blog Readers.  To take advantage of the free shipping on the 3 books use code “MOMMYRAM.”

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