Where did you go???  Last week was so beautiful.  I was able to fitness walk outside instead of on the treadmill, but than wham we got slammed with some snow.  I am not really bummed because it is Spring, it is the end of March and we are moving into April.  How long can it last?  Even today was mild albeit snowing at some points.  Oh, and I did get to see the flowers bloom.  Crazy, you think I am crazy?  I really am not that far gone yet.  : ) My Hibiscus tree (inside) is blooming and it just gives everyone a taste of Spring, even my husband, who usually will complain about my houseplants.  He complains because he is often the caretaker who gets stuck watering them.  However, today he pointed the beautiful blossom out to me.  The dogs enjoyed romping in the snow and the kiddies enjoyed playing in the fresh air on the porch.  We have a few cool days but they will be nice and sunny.  I am hopeful next week we will see higher temps and greener pastures.  Until then I am enjoying the crackling fire and feeling cozy with my family.

Don’t forget our Scentsationals give-away ends soon so be sure and get your entries in.  I am warming some cinnamon vanilla now and it smells so good.  We have so many great reviews and give-aways coming up so make sure you subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook so you don’t miss any.  Happy Spring everyone!!!


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