Winter’s Chill!

Well, winter’s chill is in the air.  The other day I went outside and could clearly smell snow.  Yes, I can smell the snow and you know what the next day it snowed.  Nothing crazy but a bit of a dusting.  It was Halloween though and it was freezing.  Luckily the little ones are happy going to a couple of  neighbors houses and they think they have a big loot of candy.  So we got in the warm car and went to Middletown where we had to exchange my nearly new laptop for another.   I have been going through laptops like crazy lately.  Thankfully we have the Best Buy Black Tie Protection Contract.  We hit Target with our lion and monkey and remember we had been in Target last Halloween.  As we drove home in the evening we saw that the parked cars had a nice dusting of snow on them.

This week I have even had to ask Jimi to start a fire in the fireplace, I just could not get warm.  Winter before the holidays is not so bad.  I mean we have visions of a new snowfall with our family all gathered inside warm and cozy and celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It is after the holidays that it gets old fast, especially when you have to drive in it or can’t drive in it.  Black ice is the worst, no one is driving in that!  So anyway Halloween is over, Thanksgiving will be here before we can blink and Christmas is so close I can taste the eggnog.  Let’s hope Spring will come as fast.



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