I have joined the Keurig generation!

I really did not think I would do it.  I fought it for a long time.  It seemed so frivolous, so expensive, so wasteful.  When my daughter told me her friend had brought a Keurig coffeemaker for their dorm I gave her a lecture about how expensive K-cups were and that she should just make instant coffee if she wanted to make a cup at a time.   So it came as a big surprise to her when I purchased the Platinum top of the line Keurig.  It was when I was walking with my friend Sylvia and she mentioned she had just bought one and loved it that it really made me think I should look into this Keurig coffeemaker. 

With five children, the youngest two being 1 and 3 I definitely need my share of coffee.  So after a night or two of good research I ordered my new Keurig.  I also ordered 2 boxes of glazed chocolate donut coffee.  I have to say my hubby was skeptical when it arrived but after his first cup he was sold.  We are big coffee drinkers, we don’t drink alcohol and we don’t smoke so I rationalize we deserve to have some good coffee made fast and fresh.  This Keurig also makes hot chocolate , hot and iced tea and iced coffee so the whole family is loving it.   I’m a Keurig, he’s a Keurig, she’s a Keurig, wouldn’t you like to be a Keurig too?


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